Top Tips For Online Clothes Shopping

Online clothes shopping is something that has grown on me.  It’s not the right solution for all my clothing needs, but I have found myself ordering online more and more. For a start there are no crowds or time restrictions, other than a small child tapping you continuously on the shoulder or shouting ‘MUMMY’ on repeat if you pick the wrong time to order, but you won’t make that mistake more than once.   I also reckon that online purchases are done so with more consideration as there is not the instant gratification that you get when out buying in the shops.  I know I tend to do quite a lot of research online on an item before I order it.  Whether that be a comparison of similar items on offer at other brands, reading reviews, looking at how others might have styled it, or even sometimes trying it on in a shop and then considering it a bit more.  The rush to make a decision there and then is no longer applicable and you can sleep on it with ease. I actually quite like having items in my virtual basket for a while, because I know if i can’t stop thinking about it then it’s a good measure as to how much I really really want it.

But the fact of the matter is, if you are not prepared to do even a little bit of online shopping then you are missing out on an increasing selection of brands and shops that might only be online or who only have a small number of actual shops.  Me & Em, Hush and Lilly & Lionel are just a few examples of really lovely online shops, and places like J Crew which I love however, they only have a handful of shops in London but can easily be ordered online.  And whilst there is a the return hassle to consider, this is normally quite straight forward to do now and can be incorporated into your weekly chores quite easily.

So here are a few top tips to help you shop with more confidence online.

Buy a little style notepad.   This is something that you will be so thankful for as you start to fill it up.  Firstly put all your measurements in the notebook.  This will mean actually getting out a tape measure and measuring yourself, but also ,measuring the length of say a skirt that you love on your which is already in your wardrobe. You might also like to have a feel of the clothes in your wardrobe and jot down the ones you love.  Look at the labels and note the combination of materials within those items so you have this to look back on.  Equally if there are any materials that you don’t like within your wardrobe, for example it’s itchy or it wrinkles when worn note these down too.

Use your trips into shops as research.  Take your style notebook with you and write down what size you are in certain shops if you try things on. Write what you like about this brand, maybe the jeans are perfect for you but the tops are not long enough (in general) so you know what items to focus on, and you should hopefully find this info is invaluable when you look at clothes from that store online.  I have found this strategy to have a have a big impact on my success rate.

Return like a pro.  This means checking out the returns policy with every online store that you are interested in.  Quite frankly if anyone wants to charge me to return things then I’m not interested.  Thankfully, paying for returns is not the norm in my experience.  You might also want to open your package carefully when it arrives, rather than ripping it open with your teeth, (always tempting if you are super excited)  as the packaging it comes in can more often than not be used to send stuff back in as well. I have tried things on in the past, known straight away it’s not right, re-packaged up there and then and taken back to Post Office/Collect +/returns shop within an hour of receiving it. And this in general would be my advice.  Get it packaged up and sent back as quickly as possible as there is normally a set number of days to do this in.

Set up a packaging station, and this I promise sounds far grander than it is because what I really mean is just keeping the brown tape, scissors, plain labels and black marker pen in a draw together so you don’t spend hours hunting the house to find it all.  And yes…I have spent hours hunting in the past….soooooo annoying!  Having this little kit to hand will make everything so much easier.

Track your orders and returns.  It’s not a bad idea to track what you order, ( maybe in your little style notebook) if you keep it or if you return and marking when the sale is complete. This is particularly helpful if you order a few things at once as you’ll have money debited from your account left right and centre and if you return it can sometimes take a couple of weeks to get that money back.

So I hope those little tips are helpful, and encourage you to investigate the world of online shopping if you have not done so already.


I’m finally feeling like I am getting back into a routine after Christmas.  Took me while, and I could feel my ‘to do’ list getting bigger and bigger.  But I’ve managed to tick a good few things off the list today and yesterday just from having a bit of time at home now that the kids are all back at school and I’m feeling better for it.  Only slight distraction is that we got a little French Bulldog puppy on Monday this week.  She is absolutely adorable and the whole family is completely smitten already, but my goodness it is a full time job at the start.  Basically, I’m on constant poo watch!  Delightful, although I have to say the cuddles make it all worth while.  And this weekend, I’m away for a bit of R&R with my bestie so leaving the Hubster and kids in full time puppy daycare.  Wish them luck!!


Back next week with a cool little blog post I’ve had up my sleeve for a while and for those of you still considering my Style and Nutrition Workshop on the 20th Jan, there is only one ticket left…so grab it whilst you can. xxx