Trend Alert: Pie Crust Necklines

I am ALL OVER this trend.  Thought I would put this out there right from the start, and those who follow me on any form of social media will not be surprised by this news. I have now 4 of this type of shirt and could still be tempted to buy more. I literally love them as an alternative option to a t-shirt and jumper, I also wear them dressed up with a smarter pair of trousers for going out so for me they are pretty versatile and there are lots of options around so you should be able to find one to suit your particular style and you should definitely find one to suit your budget.

I should probably add a caveat here, which is that not everyone suits a higher necked top.  Insert emoji monkey with hands over his eyes.  Although having said that a pie crust neck (BTW don’t you just love the name of this trend.  Not that I eat a lot of pies, but just because I think it really does describe the neckline) is much more forgiving than say a high polo neck.  These shirts also tend to have a bit of frill on them somewhere so if you are blessed on the top half then you do just need to be a bit careful of the high neck and frill combo.  Maybe have a look for one with more lace as they won’t be as frilly in general.






I actually got my first pie crust shirt last year when Alexia Chung did her debut collection with M&S.  It felt like a step put of my comfort zone at the time as it was full on frill and quite ‘Lady Di’, but it has become one of my favourite items of clothing.  I have also got an all over lace blouse from & Other Stories which I have ended up wearing loads, and a black silk high necked blouse.  My most recent purchase of the Insta-famous Monsoon blouse in a pale pink…because I don’t have one in pale pink so it was totally justifiable right?!















Maybe it’s the victorian feel about these blouses that I like?  Or perhaps it’s the fact that for me as someone who lacks curve in my body shape going frilly on the shoulder and then tucking in at the waist gives the illusion of much more curve. Fashion hacks like this can be so helpful, if you know your body shape and therefore what will suit you and work well.

And to help you explore further into the world of pic crusts :), I have listed below a few high street options all of which are current and available now.

First one has to be the Monsoon blouse.  Now available in white, blush pink and black…it might actually be quite hard to choose.  All of them look fab, but I guess my hunch would be to suggest the white one if this is your first purchase of this kind.








Not as pie crusty as some of the others, but I simply love this from Zara.  The frill in a V shape helps to draw the eye down and therefore is nicely sliming. Always a bonus!  And by wearing a vest underneath you are showing off a bit more flesh but in a modest and half covered way which is quite helpful at this time of year when to be honest I am about as white at the actual blouse.  On that note, how good is it that spring is finally here?  Milder weather, lighter days…I so need this.








Here is an example of two trends in one from H&M.  Pie crust and gingham.  Now I’m not going to lie, I’m don’t think gingham is really my thing.  Don’t know why, I just don’t really warm to it, but having said that…I would not rule out the prospect of me changing my mind and buying into the trend. I often do that! This however, would look fantastic on the right person.








And perhaps I have saved the bet until last as this is a blouse from & Other Stories which I have my eye on to add to my collection next.  Beautiful blouse, channelling a v shaped frill again which I am really liking.  & Other Stories is a great little brand to check out BTW.  Lots of lovely items at a good price point and where I have brought a few things now.  I have even taken a client there on a recent shopping trip with great success.









If you want to see a few more options, Sheerluxe have also done a post on this trend so do pop over and take a look if you feel like you have not quite got your pie-crust fix here.

Apologies for not getting a blog to you last week.  My intention was to do one very week, but some weeks it feels like there are not enough hours in the day.  I’ve wasted a lot of time the last few days trying to come up with appropriate Book Day outfits for my younger two without spending a fortune. Please tell me I’m not the only one?  A wizards hat turned into a crown, and has finally ended up as a ‘Mathlectics Speed King’.  Where is the wine?


On a more cheerful note I had the pleasure of doing a bridal modelling shoot for a friend yesterday.  They were looking for people to get into wedding dresses and have a  few snaps taken to show off the venue, hairdresser, make-up artist, photographer and florist.  It was such a fun morning and seriously, any excuse to get my hair and make up done and I’m there like a shot!  I had nowhere special to go afterwards but kept the make up on all day and kind of forgot it was on…until half way through my parent consultation with my eldest’s maths teacher last night!  Goodness knows what he must have thought! Anyway, here are a few of the snaps, hard to believe I had my jeans and boots on underneath 🙂