Trend Alert : Yellow!!

Yellow is a colour that you are going to see more and more of as we head into the summer months however,  it’s a colour that a lot of people love but claim that they could never wear. I completely understand why… let’s face it you can’t really fade into the background wearing yellow which means it is quite eye catching and therefore perceived to be difficult to wear.  But, it is also one of the most mood enhancing colours you could put on yourself.  Over the last couple of years I have slowly introduced more and more colour into my wardrobe and it actually makes me smile every morning to see all the choice I can pick from.  As I am a spring colouring, more vibrant and bold colours suit me best and as my confidence has grown, I have really started to get the hang of introducing those colours into my everyday outfits.  But I think it’s the yellow pieces in my wardrobe that might well be some of what I love the most.  The reason for this is simply because it makes me so happy.

A yellow for everyone?

But what I wanted to address with this blog post is the myth that only certain people can ‘do’ yellow.  There is a yellow for every season of colour.  So for those of you who don’t know, I work out clients colours based on seasons and there is a palette of colours for each season.  Seasons are mainly based on the clients skin tone and how certain colours make the skin look.  It’s super fun and a very important piece of information in discovering what suits that particular client best.  But as you can see from my colour charts below, there is a yellow in each one.  So I think one of the biggest factors with yellow, is getting the right yellow to start with.

I’m blonde so I can’t do yellow

So this is I think the most frequent misconceptions, and I hear it so often! But blondes can look equally as stunning in yellow I promise.  Now because I’m not blonde I can’t show you myself but I have two stylist friends, who recently went on a road trip together to Lake Como in Italy.  It was so much fun watching their adventures on Instagram and I would recommend following @_charlotteloves_ and @clairemcnestry_styling but what they demonstrated so well was how blondes can wear yellow.

This is my favourite picture of them twinning in the yellow but is a great example that wearing yellow does not have to be head to toe (although I know my M&S yellow dress is pretty much just that).  Claire is wearing bright yellow shorts so the perfect option of not having a colour too close to the face making it a lot easier be flattering.  And Charlotte has got yellow embellishment within her outfit showing us another great way of bringing yellow into your outfit without feeling too much like a lemon…literally.  But I hope you agree that they both look amazing.

Here is another picture of Charlotte wearing an actual full on yellow dress.  It’s gorgeous in my opinion and I hope inspires any blondes who previously would not look at yellow to maybe give it another go?

Yellow Shopping

So this is the yellow dress I brought recently from M&S.  I admit it is bold statement but something I would recommend trying if you are of a spring colouring and can therefore carry off bright.  It’s a great price point and I very much enjoyed styling it with a denim jacket and my favourite Taj clutch from Stella and Dot.  BTW the Taj clutch will be back in stock on July so let me know if you would like to add you to a pre-order list.


Here is a super buy if you have more of a cooler skin tone.  I had a client last week who was winter and she looked amazing in this Reiss top, and I’m happy to say she brought it.  It’s silk too which is a fabric I love due to it’s comfort and drape and as a top to link other items together it is so so useful and worth the slightly higher price point in my opinion.

Simliar to the Reiss silk t-shirt here is a silk cami style vest from Modern Rarity at John Lewis.  I have see this in the flesh and it’s gorgeous.  Would be very tempted myself if pastels were my thing.

A brighter yellow for this Whistles top with the added coolness of a slogan.  I’m finding myself getting quite into the slogan t-shirt…but that is another blog post.  Again great with a denim jacket or perhaps something navy. I think that navy and yellow are a fabulous combo.

Yellow shorts are an option I have already mentioned with Claire’s example above, and these from Zara are great.  High waisted and slimline they look amazing styled with the blue stripy frilly shirt.

Zara again for these excellent yellow frilled mules that have been doing the rounds on quite a few fashion blogger’s instagram accounts. Simply pop these on your feet with more outfits than you might initially think and add an instant seasonal update.

Finally, this yellow bag from M&S is a total winner for £15.00!!  That’s cheaper than coffee and cake with a pal.  I’m thinking this would look ace over a breton top and some denim culottes.


My week in outfits

So last week was super busy work wise with wardrobe edits, personal shopping, Stella and Dot trunk shows and a few meetings dotted in between. When the weekend arrived it was good to have a couple of days to sort the house out which always seems to be the thing that gives when there are not enough hours in the day.  It gets to the point though where I start to feel anxious about the washing pile and the fact that there is odd socks, pens, lego you name it dotted all about the house. That’s when I just put some tunes on and go into super cleaning up and tidy mode and zoom round the house at 100 miles per hour. This week however, my 11 year old asked if she could earn some money so she hoovered the house, changed all the children’s beds, mopped the kitchen floor and emptied the upstairs bins for £8!! And she was very happy with that.  I can see this becoming a regular thing if she’s keen I really can 🙂

This week my outfits are all quite fun and I love them all for different reasons.  The Rixo leopard and star blouse was a complete LOVE purchase, in that I saw it and brought it without too much deliberation. I love the Rixo brand anyway, as I do leopard and stars so it was a complete no brainer for me. The other outfits are all from the high street, and things that I had spotted over the last few weeks and am super pleased with them all.

This week, I have a very exciting photo shoot happening tomorrow and then 2 shopping trips Thursday and Friday, followed by a night out in London town on Friday night with a group of friends I just love spending time with.  Feels like I have not been out in London for ages.

Fine Styling VIP Facebook group

Finally, I just wanted to let you know about a cool little Facebook group I have got going at the moment.  I’m posting up weekly style videos and do competitions etc on there.  If you fancy getting involved click here and request to join and I will add you.

Have a great week. xxx