When Clients Become True Friends

Hello!  I’ve been a bit quiet…lots of reasons for this including the summer holidays (not condusive for sitting down and writing) and being away myself.  We had a lovely lovely two weeks in France where the first half was spent with all of my husband’s family.  24 of us in a big chateau created lots of laughter and fun.  Then the second week was at our favorite Mas De Jouas which just seems to get better every time we visit.  We are going back next year as well as it is failsafe and we all love it.  Here is one of my favourite pictures from France.

The other thing that has been pretty intense for us this summer is 11+ revision.  11 more sleeps until it’s all over and I can’t wait.  Anyone who has been through it I know will agree that it is just hideous. But if I were to look at the silver lining I have literally been blown away by the way my 10 year old, (yep she’s only 10) has shown determination, grit and motivation.  I honestly can’t believe a child so young has been able to pull all of this out of the bag to put the work in that is required. As I type she is currently at a 3 hour mock test on a Sunday morning!  It’s been humbling to watch.  She wants it so much and has worked so hard…I hope hope hope she gets her reward. She deserves it. What ever happens I could not be more proud.

And on top of the above, I was knocked off my feet last week by a nasty nasty viral infection which took me to hospital for 4 days.  It literally happened overnight. At the gym Thursday night, bedridden the next morning with a pounding headache and a temp of nearly 40. I did not get out of bed for 5 days. I don’t think I have ever felt so poorly.  It’s taken the stuffing out of me and I am taking it very easy at home to make sure I recover properly. It’s been a  bit of a wake up call if I’m honest.  I thought I could run around like a loon doing this, doing that, and this has just made me realise that I can’t, and a bit more time actually chilling, like sitting down and resting is a good thing. The bonus to recovering this last week is that I have binge watched Queer Eye with my girls and seriously that programme has been the highlight of some days. It’s AWESOME.   Tan has got to be my favourite as he is the stylist and I love listening to what he has to say about the clothes. I also love Karamo because he talks a lot of sense but also because he is absolute perfection.  The line on his beard is so straight they must have used some kind of facial ruler to create it.  He also wears the most amazing jackets. Anyway, if you have not seen it I highly recommend.

Getting onto the the real subject of this blogpost after a rather protracted update from me….I’m writing this to highlight another one of my clients who joined me on our photoshoot day back in the spring. Let me introduce to you Sarah.

Sarah and I met because she came along to one of our workshops.  I know she won’t mind me telling you that when she came that day she was in a black tunic top and leggings and that had been her uniform for years.  She told me as we got chatting that she loves fashion and used to enjoy dressing in the latest styles, but life happened and some tough stuff got in the way and before she knew it she had lost her style mojo and was in a complete rut.

I was delighted when Sarah went on to book me for a wardrobe edit as I felt a real connection with her straight away and I knew I could make a difference. Since then I have seen Sarah twice to help edit her wardrobe and we went shopping for a spring summer update to her wardrobe.  A stand out moment from our journey together so far was when she first tried on something with a bit more shape.  I was literally gobsmaked at the women who stood before me who suddenly had the most beautiful curves in an envious hourglass shape…which were totally hidden before.  And bit by bit as we went through her wardrobe and tried on more, I could see what an impact this process was having on her.  It was emotional for both of us.  Sarah said to me, ‘I’ve been waiting for the day when I can wear these sorts of clothes again’ and I simply said, ‘that day is today’. And look at her in these pictures ❤️ The colour and the patterns all look SO amazing.

When we went shopping, it was a breeze because Sarah looked good in so many things.  We had such fun because I was pulling out clothes I know she did not have the confidence at that point to pull out herself.  She would then try it on and both of us laughed because she looked so fab in it all.

One of the moments in the video we took on the photoshoot day, Sarah spoke from the heart about how finding her style again has helped her.  Every time I watch this I have the biggest smile because hearing clients talk about the impact our time together has had is absolutely THE best thing about my job. It is my drive.

And through our time together and our chats we have actually become real friends. Sarah sent me such a lovely text this week when I was poorly.  It really perked me up, and I think that’s when it hit me…I’ve got a friend here, not just a client.

So this post is a celebration of Sarah, how far she has come, and how grateful I am to be doing a job that allows me to create really special friendships.  I can’t wait for our autumn style sessions :).

In my next blog I plan to talk to you a little bit about autumn/winter season.  I have been all over my favourite clothing websites checking out what is coming into the shops. I may have ordered myself a couple of bits to cheer myself up from being poorly.   It really is my favorite time of year.  My season with clients kicks off on Friday and I can’t wait. Pretty much fully booked for the whole of the autumn now and taking bookings for Jan 19 already!! If you are keen to have a wardrobe edit or a shop this side of Christmas get in touch asap.

Have  great week,