Why Hire a Personal Stylist?

Good style requires investment

However you look at it, great style does not just happen whether you have an eye for it or not.

It takes time and a financial investment which can feel like a daunting commitment. Especially if you are not used to spending on yourself. But your wellbeing matters and should not be at the bottom of the list.

Just like you might pay for the gym, or the hairdressers, working with a stylist is a form of self care.

Ways I can help you

Discovering the authentic you

It’s more than just the clothes, this is about building confidence, boosting self esteem and loving the reflection in the mirror again.

What we wear on the outside can be a direct reflection of how we feel on the inside, so I work hard to build relationships where clients feel safe to explore anything that might be holding them back, thus freeing them up to try clothes they might not have considered before.

Discovering the cuts, styles, colours and brands that work for you is incredibly liberating.

Building confidence

It is the growth in self love and confidence through working with a stylist that I believe has the most impact on the lives of my clients.

I see this transformation time and time again and it is often radical, because once they get a taste of a life where their wardrobe brings them joy not anguish… they want more!

Simplifying your life

Life is hard enough without having to battle with your wardrobe each day.

This is why so many people just end up wearing the same few things day in day out.

I focus on building a strong capsule wardrobe for you, with key carefully chosen investment pieces which help to give you endless outfit combinations.

Once the items holding you back are removed, this then makes dressing each day incredibly simple and a total joy.

Learning what suits you and why

Throughout this process you are learning as I share useful style tools along with constant tips and insights.

This means that you begin to understand why something does or does not look good on you which makes finding and buying clothes so much easier.

I consistently give you feedback and our discussions help to deepen that understanding. It’s often my questions back to you which uncover the real truth.

A lot of the answers you already know within.

Self Love

Hiring a personal stylist is in my opinion an act of self love.

Because feeling good in your clothes helps you to love yourself more. It helps you to accept who you are and treat yourself with the respect you deserve. And once you truly love yourself…everything changes.

Like a domino effect throughout all aspects of your life.

You walk taller, you smile more, you exude a confidence that attracts people to you like a magnet.

You start to listen to what you really want and get brave.

Sound good?