Winter Warmers

Happy New Year!!  Wow, that flew by super quick didn’t it?  2 of 3 children safely back at school this morning. It was only just light when we left…slight shock to the system, but good to walk them in with the dog.  Every new term I dread the school run, but am quite excited about getting back to work and helping a whole load of new clients (and some returning clients too) to navigate all the new season loveliness.  The S/S season is fun because as soon as it starts appearing in the shops I begin to think about my summer holidays and getting a bit of much needed sunshine.  I have a girlie trip to Ibiza booked in June…for which there is always much excitement and build up to. Then I hope there will be a few other trips away as well. I have NY on my radar again and I’m trying to persuade the Hubbie to let us do an Australian 18/19 Christmas as my sister-in-law lives out there and I am super keen to travel with the children and start showing them the world. I think it’s going to take a bit of work though. It’s a big trip and a fairly large chunk of time off work…but it would be absolutely amazing if we could pull it off.

Anyway, back to January and how we are all going to get through the next few weeks before spring arrives.  I think it’s fair to say that Jan and Feb are the hardest months for most people.  For me…I do struggle at times with the constant grey skies and wet weather. Plus, feel the cold so I find that in the middle of winter my clothing choices are very limited.  But one thing that has been a bit of a breakthrough for me this year is the descion to invest in a REALLY warm coat.  It was in fact my recent weekend in Berlin that was the straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak.  Turns out my ‘winter’ jacket, was not very ‘winter’ at all.  I was permanently cold over there and yes, it is colder but we have had quite a few days also where the temp has been below zero, so with all this in mind…and a dog that needs walking every day I went on the hunt for a new jacket.

Let’s put it this way, finding something stylish, warm, waterproof and within budget was really really hard.  There are some amazing top end brands out there like Parajumpers and Canada Goose but these coats are in the region of £700-£1000 which I was not prepared to pay. So what coats are there which tick all the boxes and come within budget?

The coat I brought

Well…when I came across this coat in Sweaty Betty and it seemed a bit to good to be true.  Insulated filling, lovely colour, faux fur hood,  very reasonable price, (especially if you sign up for their newsletter and get 10% off) and it’s waterproof.  So after much deliberation I ordered it, and have had it now for about a  month and can genuinely say that it is noticeably warmer than my previous coat and in all honesty I feel like I am wearing a lovely snuggly duvet. Which is lovely. My only thing…and this is the compromise is that it is an oversized design which does not give it much shape.  I, as you know, prefer things to have a bit of shape, but I like this jacket so much for all it’s other benefits that I’m embracing it and figure that it looks good enough, especially as I have had a few compliments on it. All in all I am super pleased with this coat and it makes me feel so much happier about going out into the cold.


Winter Coat Shortlist

I also though it would be helpful to give you more than one option.  So here is my round up of warm, (mostly) waterproof and stylish coats which I came across during my research.

I spotted this one in The Kooples sale and with a 40% discount I think it makes the price point much more purse friendly.  The Kooples is a brand that I love because it is a little bit quirky and clothes from here often tend to have a bit of edge to them one way or another. This jacket for example has leather piping detail in various places which I really like.

Bod and Ted which is a lovely little boutique clothing shop near me in Tunbridge Wells have this London Lucinda essential parka in military green also in their sale, (saving £115 which is great). Waterproof, tie waist, faux fur lining and hood, and a different colour other than black are the reasons why this one has made it onto my winter warmer short list.

This coat from Zara looks like it would be a great buy for those who are looking for something under £100.  It’s water repellent which is not quite the same as waterproof but is better than nothing, it’s down filled but does not too pufferish, (too much puff and you can look like a michelin man) and it has a belt so that you can give the coat some shape.

Another option, which looks very similar to my Sweaty Betty one is this coat from M&S.  £89 makes it the cheapest option.  It does not any anything about how waterproof it is, but it foes look warm.  So I guess if you took an umbrella in your bag you might be fine.

My Week

The highlight of this week for me was NYE.  I think I might have mentioned that we were going to a Great Gatsby themed party at a friend’s house.  This dress code was so exciting for me as it is über glamourous with lots of sequins, embellishments and feathers. Right up my street.

I spent ages working out what to wear…as any stylist would and decided on a long black sequin dress from Zara of all places and a rather large black feather headdress.  It was really fun and my girlfriends all looked amazing as you can see.

I am back to work officially on Friday with a shopping trip at Bluewater, but will be popping up there tomorrow for a pre-shop tomorrow as I want to get an idea of what is still available in the sales and if any new season bits have started to drop.  It’s my second male client too so I want to be fully prepared. Then next week I have 3 wardrobe edits booked in, so straight back in.

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