You ARE Worth It

Last night I went to one of the most inspiring talks I think I might ever have had the fortune to listen to.  My pal invited me as it was happening at the school in which she works and it was entitled, ‘How to help your child in the modern world’.  The lady who presented it was called Natasha Devon.  I had never heard of Natasha, but my friend assured me it would be good so I went along with not really any expectations.

To say I was totally blown away would be an understatement!  Natasha (picture below) who is one third of ‘The Self Esteem Team‘ spoke with humour, honesty, knowledge and empathy about how she works to help support and normalise discussions around mental health for school children.  I literally listened to every single word she said, because whilst I was certainly thinking about my children and how I could support them growing up in today’s world, I was also thinking about myself.

The statistics are scary…one in three of us will have a mental health issue at some point in our lives yet there is still very much a ‘stiff British upper lip’ mentality surrounding it.  That a cup of tea can fix everything.  The reality of course is very different and as someone who has gone through periods in my life where I have struggled to stay positive and been left wondering if I was ever going to get out of the black hole I found myself in,  what Natasha spoke about last night really struck a chord for me.

And it was her section on strategies to keep ourselves ‘mentally fit’ which has really got me thinking.  By this she means ways in which we can help ourselves to deal with stress better and to stop things getting out of control.  One of those strategies is to visualise the stress we have in our lives in terms of filling up a bucket and when the bucket gets full that is when we start to snap or say things we regret or feel out of control.  The secret here is recognising when our stress bucket is filling up and regularly doing things to empty it.  Emptying it could be for example exercise, mindfulness, or just being a bit kinder to yourself and giving yourself some self love. Everybody will have different ways and it’s about finding out what works for you and then making sure you prioritise this.

And as I have been reflecting on this all, it hit me that the ‘self love’ aspect of keeping mentally fit is something I help my clients achieve through wardrobe edits and personal styling and maybe that is why I am finding the job so much more rewarding than I thought?  Feeling and looking good in what you are wearing as you walk out the door can have a huge impact on your day.  Even just the positive aura you give off can lead to new opportunities as you appear so much more approachable.  Feeling confident in how you look can give you inner confidence to more easily bounce back when you get a knock.  Editing your wardrobe to get rid of clothes that no longer serve you will leave you feeling lighter and enthusiastic for a fresh start.  Being taught what clothes suit you and looking in the mirror for the first time in perhaps a long time and liking what you see is life changing because all of this is encouraging that self love which is so so important.

I honestly think I have been searching for a way to encompass something that I am super passionate about with the reward of working with people to help them make a positive change in their life for a very long time.  I have tried a few different things, dipped my toe in various opportunities but this…this just feels so right.  I take huge pride in making each and every client feel special and working with them in a bespoke way which takes into account their situation and stories.

So if you are sitting here having seriously considered a personal stylist but struggling to justify it…let me tell you that you ARE worth it, and to get in touch because it could just be the tap your stress bucket needs. xxx