Zara – My Virtual Basket

This is a blogpost that I hope to do for a few different brands in the coming weeks.  The idea is to show you the items that I have picked out and put in my virtual basket. Thus giving you a little insight into what I’m currently lusting after/have brought and the reasons for this which might then help you in terms of items for your own spring/summer wardrobe.

First up Zara…and I’m not going to lie, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this shop.  Sometimes I walk in and then I walk straight back out again because there is just nothing in there that I like.   But other times I can go in and feel like I have totally won, and managed to pick up a beauty of a bargain. Recent examples of this include my red bardot dress and my new cropped denim jacket with puffed shoulders, both of which I totally love.








But I guess being able to find those amazing items on a fairly regular basis is the secret to successful shopping and with Zara this can sometimes be hit and miss through no fault of your own, it’s just what they have in at the time.  You just have to know when to walk away and not get tempted by the price or any other factor into buying something that is ultimately no good.  The other thing with Zara is that it can be at two opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of cut, fit, quality etc.  Where as with somewhere like Whistles I would expect consistent quality, sizing and availability but perhaps that is partly what you pay for with a higher price tag.

Anyway, I have found a really useful way to keep on top of what is coming into Zara, (so you can grab those amazing pieces) and believe me there are new items arriving in store a couple of times a week this time of year.  It’s so simple but basically you need to download their app.  It’s really easy to use, and you can find what’s new very quickly.  I also enjoy adding everything I like the look of to my virtual basket, (tenuous link to the title of this blogpost there) as it saves it in there for next time you log on and acts as a bit of a wishlist.  I have actually ordered straight from the app a few times and I have to say their delivery is quick, returns process simple and refund is quick too.  These are the things that really matter when you are online shopping, and especially with somewhere like Zara where what you see online can be totally different when you see it in the flesh.

Getting back to the clothes…here’s what’s in my virtual bag, (links to everything if you click on the subtitles)

Printed Coulottes

This trouser shape has been around for a while now and I have to say, having been a little bit hesitant at first, I really like it now. And they actually look good on more people than you might think so I would totally recommend you trying a pair.  Not necessarily these ones as a navy or black pair would be just as good.   It is the print on these however that is is a big part of why I like them so much as a pattern over stripe is very on trend at the moment.  I’m not sure if I like the way they have styled it with that top.  I would probably team them with a  cream silk vest, denim jacket and trainers or tan sandals.








Embroidered Tulle Skirt

I instantly loved this.  I’m on the look out for a tulle skirt, and the fairytale embroidery on this one appealed to my inner princess. Again I’m not sure I would wear it with the black top as they have styled it…it seems a bit severe. I think I would go for something bit softer. Probably a cream silk vest top and a denim jacket LOL.  There is a theme appearing of how I would style these items but at least it ties in with the capsule wardrobe concept that I always talk about.  Denim jacket and plain silk t-shirt are good capsules wardrobe items to have as they make lots of other outfits work.








Crossbody Bag

Ha ha…I adore this little bag.  I’m always longing for a Kate Spade novelty bag but just can’t bring myself to pay her prices for what is essentially a bit of fun, but £29.99 I can definitely do!  This would be soooo cool on holiday and as someone who loves a cross body bag to add a finishing touch I could have a lot of fun with this.








Floral Print Dress

Again this is something that caught my eye straight away.  Great shape for slender, hourglass or pear with a nipped in waist, and a skirt that skims nicely over the bottom half.  Lovely fabric too and arm coverage if that’s your thing. Currently sold out online but put your name down to be notified when they get more stock and check in store too if you are passing one.








Frilled Lace Blouse

Could not have a wishlist without a lace blouse on it…LOL.  Yes, adore this one too.  Better for the smaller busted lady as the frill is right on the bustline, but if that’s you and you have yet to get yourself a lace blouse this is definitely one to consider. Adore the red lip on the model too.








Denim Jacket

It’s the denim jacket again!  I’ll stop talking about it soon I promise.  Interestingly though it was not love at first sight as it took me a while to get used to the sleeves…add roller-skates and I’d be a member of Starlight Express!   But it very quickly grew on me and now I’m wearing it most days. I still can’t get over the fact that it was £29.99. Probably the best £30 I’ve spent in a long time. The quality is great and cut is lovely too. Definitely one to try.








Denim Flamingo Shorts

I know it’s only March and I’m talking about shorts but seriously now is the time to buy things for summer when you see them because as soon as summer really arrives, lots of things will be gone.  And how cute are these?  They have the feel of something you might get from J Crew which is another favourite shop of mine, but with a much better price tag.








Polka Dot Jumpsuit

Finally, I’m finishing with a jumpsuit. Yes, my name is Fleur and I am addicted to them.  I always get tempted to add more to my collection.  This jumpsuit caught my eye because it is quite like the shape of jumpsuits that Whistles do so well with the wide cropped leg, but a much more affordable option. I really like the cold shoulder design on this one too.  Easy to dress up and down too.









So this week seems to have flown by already, and only 2 days left until the Easter Holiday chaos descends. Got my Stella and Dot summer sample order in yesterday, (arriving tomorrow) which is always super fun.  We have some beautiful beach cover ups and a fashion editor adored bag which I know is going to sell out in a flash. I’ll be posting the link all over social media tomorrow in case you decide that you do want one for yourself…but be quick.  That’s my only advice.  There has been so much interest on social media for it…it really is going to fly out the door. 

I’ve also had a great few days with the business too.  Each week new opportunities seem to be presenting themselves and I am currently planning 2 new events for May and putting a pitch together for my first corporate workshop with my colleague Jennie Gough who I do the Style and Nutrition workshops with. I’m also planning something super fun to create over the Easter holidays which I think will be a great…more to be revealed soon.  Happy hump day peeps and roll on the weekend. xxx